Why is the G-case the perfect gift?

Why is the G-case the perfect gift?

Over the year everybody needs a gift somewhere, somehow. Birthdays, graduations, christmas, valentine, ... and so on. Here's why the G-case is a perfect gift for all of these occasions.

Due of its unique design the G-case is a travelcase which you won't find in every luggage store. The jerrycan design is a must-have for the petrolhead or trendsetter. Forget those boring black bags.

With a price of €149.99 the G-case has a proper value. It's not the cheapest gift and it's certainly not the most expensive gift. It shows that you care about that person for who you are buying the G-case. We all know everybody hates those cheap unusable gifts.

Don't you hate it when you buy a gift for someone and it's already broken after using it a few times. Not only you would be upset but the person who received the gift will also be disappointed. The G-case is made of 0.8mm metal, finished with a strong powdercoating for high scratch resistance and durability making it unbeatable. The trolley system is also tested on many levels making it very robust. The G-case can resist World War 3.

Gifts come in many forms and shapes. The G-case is a products which you can actually use and the receiver will be thankful for receiving it. He/she can store his clothes, camera gear, ... properly for a next trip. Gifts are always fun to get but be honest, what do you do with a dvd movie box after watching it once... right, it sits there and it stays there.

The G-case comes in a strong box, when it's wrapped with packaging paper, you won't see what it is. Not like you pack a bottle of parfume or a sweater, you'll never guess what's in the box.