It's time to let our G-case users talk! Here's Si McNally, editor at Watercool Society, one of UK's best and biggest car culture websites aka car family. They love to bring amazing car features and videos. The lads behind it are pretty wicked too! Be sure to check out their website.

We asked Si some questions about his G-case and this is the result:

Si McNally - Management Consultant. 

G: Where did you find out about G-case?
S: I first saw the G-Cases at Ultimate Stance a couple of years ago. Wheel Whores had them for sale. As soon as I saw the chrome one, I had to have it! My colleague Matt from Watercooled Society has a green one for all his camera gear, it's awesome!

G: What do you like the most about it?
S: I love the fact that everywhere I go with it I get asked questions. It gets more comments than any of my cars!

G: How do you travel with it? Only for vacation or also for daily use?
S: I don't use it that much, only really for shows and weekends away. For work related trips I have a branded suitcase for our Motorsport team.

G: Got a fun fact or a funny story with the G-case?
S: My favourite story was from customs in Calais, on the way back from a European show last year. The border guard refused to believe it was a suitcase, until I opened it up and showed them it was full of clothes - they loved it!