Carbon G-case

As we all like the carbon fiber material, we couldn't stay behind on producing a carbon finished G-case. Who wouldn't like a carbon fiber finished jerrycan styled travelcase afterall, right? 

The carbon fiber is covered on top of the powdercoated G-case and finished with a clear coat. This for an ultra resistant protection, just like car paint. This gives you the opportunity to wax the carbon G-case like you would do to your car. 

Carbon fiber is used in the automotive industry like Formula 1 and many many sportscar. It's one of the strongest materials in the world to work with, a downside is that it's also one of the most expensive in the world to work with. 

Together with the top clear coat it gives a very luxurious and shiny finish which we all like. It highlights the details and great finishing.

When the sun hits the carbon fiber G-case the result is amazing. (we would almost get emotional)

The videos underneath tell more than a thousand words. Please watch them in the highest resolution and full screen to enjoy the best experience.


Order your carbon G-case HERE.